About us

Our company ( www.covetdecor.co.uk ) is a website operated by Covet Decor Limited company. We are registered in England under company number 12256473. Covet Décor is our interior decorative business with head office in London, United Kingdom. We have a family manufacturing company in India for our products. Our founder has been grossly involved with this business for more than twenty years in making these products and delivering them to customers.

Covet Décor is delivering all interior decorative products for hospitality, institutions and residential homes. Our products suit the best fitting and are very long-lasting products. We have started running our company for one year now. We take great pride in delivering all home products that could enhance every minute of whatever you are doing at home or in your office. Our company delivers all decorative products that best suit and fit all locations which include, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and galleries.

The variety of our decorative products include glass products, wood products, silver and gold color coated products. Our glass products include vases, votives, candle stands, photo frames, etc. Our wood products include cake dome, cutlery, wall panels, mosaic wall clocks, etc. Our gold and silver color coated products include kitchen cutlery, mirror, etc.

Our founder has settled in London for the past twelve years and therefore we are very accustomed to online business and committed to make Covet Decor a world class company.

Today with employees in two continents, our company is dedicated to making new products that cover all wide range products to enhance the beauty of the interior locations.

About us