Embellishments for Brightening Up the Home

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The light helps us perceive colours, shapes, and sizes and see when we need it. In addition, it allows us to provide a personal touch to our home: with the necessary combination of light and shade, we can offer a unique character to each great afternoons of reading.

The colours and light have to go hand in hand, not alter the rooms' final result. You can see the how to reflect, absorb and focus light on transforming a specific area or highlight your home with the best living room accessories, so the colours will not change, and you will not be surprised!

Without light, there is no colour!

The lighting in a room will influence the perception of colours in a room. For this reason, it is imperative to consider the environment in which they live when choosing colors for lighting sources, walls, furniture, objects and textiles. Let's brighten the color!
Decorative Accessories creates a comfortable space where you can enjoy a romantic dinner, a reading afternoon or a party with your friends under the light of a beautiful wreath.

The good thing about being at home is feeling comfortable with all the plans you make in it, and if you also get the lights on your side, the better.

How to light the kitchen

The practical reasons such as seeing better and carrying out certain activities but also highlighting specific characteristics of the space and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Correctly lighting the rooms of a house is one of the most important parts of architecture and interior design. Before decorating a house, you have to light up. Light has the power to transform spaces that is why it is so important for comfort. If the rooms are well lit we will get pleasant spaces where we want to spend time. As each corner has its needs, it is convenient to know all the keys to choose and plan the lighting properly.

Why is it important to light well?

Lighting is essential for any space. In the absence of natural light, basic qualitative and quantitative human needs must be satisfied that we can summarize in three:

  • Visual comfort, that is, that the lighting generates a feeling of well-being;
  • Visual performance , so that in the case of workspaces we can perform visual tasks for long periods of time, even in difficult circumstances;
  • Safety, so that it avoids dangers or falls or allows seeing any obstacle perfectly.


What is the correct way to approach the lighting design of a house?

It is necessary to know how to interpret which spaces require more intense or lower lighting, in which places an effort or work can be carried out where a significant visual performance.
Once the functionality is resolved, you can resort to lighting singular or special points or the aesthetics of the luminaries itself.

  • The general illumination usually be fixed and used to make visible space. It can be placed on the ceiling.
  • The ambient lighting provides a pleasant atmosphere and to get table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights are used.
  • The spot lighting is functional and necessary to develop specific activities such as in the kitchen or on a desk. It is usually achieved with directional lights.

In addition, in small rooms it is recommended to use recessed spots in the ceiling that help to create a feeling of greater height and depth and avoid lamps with very large elements or that hang vertically, taking away space from the room. The lighting of shelves or cabinets visually expands the space, as well as the light focused on the dining room table or the installation of LED strips on the floor.