Horizon Votive Holder


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This horizon votive holder is made out of glass as it says so in its name. As this is a votive holder it is suitable to light candles on this product as well as just use it as a decoration piece itself. There are no candles included with this product.

Product Details:


Height: 20.32cm 

Diameter: 12.70cm


This so-called Horizon votive holder is inspired by a real life horizon. It will remind the person of a very calming, relaxing and subtle view which will be beneficial if used as a decoration piece at your own house or even if you were to gift it to a special someone. As this piece gives a very modern and stylish at the same time, it would look great at parties, birthdays, New Years Eve, Christmas and many more celebrations you could possibly think of. Be the one to stand out when it comes to decorations.

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