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This Aqua/Blue mosaic tile composition resembles aged sea glass. Each tile is screen printed with transparent aquas, blues and clears from the back and then mirrored with silver to give it a vibrant, reflective look. A surface water clear viscous ink enhances an impressive texture relief which just begs to be touched.

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The dominant color of this product is blue which stands out massively. A mosaic theme is presented on this product. For indoor use only.

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Measurement: 50.8cm/ 20 inches


This cool and innovative mirror is like no other. The color blue emphasizes tranquility and calmness which would bring peace at home. This mirror is very stylish as well so it will make the room you place it in very attractive. This is perfect as an everyday mirror.

4 reviews for AQUA MIRROR

  1. Michelle Morallus

    Wonderful! I bought this for my washroom. Absolutely love it. It fits right in with the theme as my washroom contains blue tiles. Pretty stylish to be fair!

    • Admin

      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

  2. Drake Graham

    Love the mirror. Using it in my dinning room and I suggested it to two more of my friends.

  3. Rachelle Richards

    Quite impressive. The work on the mirror is pure art according to me. Will shop other products as well.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

  4. Linda Ryan

    Had to review this. It’s amazing and it has fitted right into my drawing room. Everyone compliments me on it and as a good customer I have suggested this to all of them.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

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