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This mirror gives a very glamorous look. It is one that cannot be compared to any other. The reptile effect makes the appearance of this piece very modern and unique in its way. This could be placed in any room within your house as it’s easy to fit in any environment.


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REPTILIAN MIRROR: This vibrant mirror will not only show a beautiful reflection but also add innovative glam to your house. Best for interior Home Decor. It is the best suitable mirror for wildlife lovers. It breathes the wildlife into your room or home. One of Covet Decor’s best picks for Wall Decor. Join the wild side with this mirror and click wild mirror selfies! This item will be perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways. This ornament has a floral design within it which looks very alluring and will win a million hearts.

4 reviews for REPTILIAN MIRROR

  1. Claid Baskin

    I work in the wild life industry so that’s why I bought it. LOL. Amazing work on the finishing of the mirror’s design .

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      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

  2. Sam King

    A bit heavy. But i believe it’s fine as it gives pure royal look. Happy i bought it.

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      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

  3. Ethan Payne

    Satisfied i bought it. Good quality and amazing look. Keep up the good work.

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      Thank you for the positive review. Shop again!

  4. Tory Dawlance

    By far the best mirror. I have been looking for something that would fit in or more like enhance my house. It did the job. Loved it!

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